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Casa Cecilio , La Gomera

I first visited this magical island 3 years ago and promised myself I would come back to take photographs .The centre of La Gomera is a laurasilva forest that takes moisture directly from the cloud , the trade winds ensuring a regular supply of moisture .The central plateau , shrouded in cloud has a Jurassic park look about it , the shifting mists revealing tantalising glimpses of the jagged coastline 5000 feet below .On my first visit I was given a lift by an old guy driving a battered Toyota , he took me to his bar and restaurant which he had built over the last 20 odd years .We had a chat and I bought him a beer in the little bar perched on the edge of the mountain .

On this trip driving up towards Roque de Agando we once again passed the bar (Mirador Degollada de Peraza, if you're interested) ) .Of course we had to stop. And there he was, Cecilio, el propietario , sitting on exactly the same bar stool as he had 3 years before .

La Gomera is a paradise for walkers , photographers , and nature lovers but conditions change very quickly - within munutes the view from the terrace bar down to playa de Santiago was suddenly blocked by thick cloud sweeping down from the mountains .

This shot was taken from the road looking across to Cecilio's place just before the light disappeared .

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