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Stacking wood

Stacking wood for the winter stimulates something very basic in our psyche.It connects us with the earth and with the simple primary needs we all have as human beings - Shelter ,Warmth , Food, Security. I have been re-organising the woodshed, (one of three built over the last 20 years ). Debris and junk cleared out, old nests pulled from the eves,floor swept clean of bark and wood chip, useful timber stored neatly at one end , waste stuff cut,split into kindling, and stored at the other. Oak and ash logs stacked 6 foot high against the back wall and a new door and panels fitted and creosoted .I love the soft dark tones of the tar ,love it's smell and the velvety sheen it gives ancient worm- ridden planks .

Honest labour and a chance to daydream . Making a woodpile is not art but it has the same meditative power .

Through the gaps in the door I can see into the garden . It's

still August but there is faint promise of autumn in the changing shades of the maple.

I will stack more tomorrow .

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