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For me making Art is a haphazard job,I work sporadically and randomly, creative work sandwiched between cutting the grass ,building sheds, walking the dog and all the other humdrum daily tasks that make up my life. Whilst working on some creative project, time tends to pass differently and in the background there is a continuous dialogue going on in my head. This is generally a good thing until a more strident voice interrupts with,“You should be pruning that apple tree, or building that wall.”

And when I eventually succumb and start to roll stones into place, the voice comes back with, "Why are you wasting your life rolling stones? why don’t you do something more worthy, more original, more creative?

So, for me the business of painting, constructing and developing ideas is fraught with false starts and pregnant pauses. Here is a newly finished piece.

This version of a modern cross started life last year before stuttering to a halt and finally being being abandoned as a lost cause. As is often the case it lay neglected in a corner, unloved before being revived with some judicious use of gold leaf and aerosol.I like it, for now, but, as you who make things will know , this may only be a temporary stay of execution . I may not like it at all in another year's time. The relationship between artist and work is always a fickle one .

It started off as some sort of religious pun and is made up of salvaged keyboards and a dissected victorian brass wallhanging , "Bless this House .” I wanted it to look fabulous and desirable, a bit like a museum exhibit,something plundered from another age.I like it best in low light when the gold seems to emerge from the dark.

I left the circular cross plain so it functions as the dot on a large I.

It’s called iDOL . A symbol for the new religion of technology?

I may offer it to Apple to hang in some corporate setting Or maybe to Trump, he likes gold, kitsch and fakery ….

Right , yes ok ... chainsaw, I'm coming

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